What Is a Registered Office?

A registered office is the statutory address of a limited company or LLP, and is required to incorporate a company or LLP in the UK

  • From Larry the Lemur, With Love : Whether you’ll be receiving official company correspondence from Companies House or His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (UK Tax Office), they’ll all be sent to your company’s registered office.
  • NOT For Your Eyes Only! The address of your registered office will be published publicly on the UK register of companies, so purchase this service to keep your home address … covert!
  • Dr. No, No, No : PO Box Numbers and international addresses simply won’t do. Your company’s registered office address must be a full physical address and must be based within the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland)

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Our Registered Office
  • Central London for £89.99 per annum
  • South London for £69.99 per annum

  • Keeps your residential address private
  • Elevates your brand with our prestigious Central London address
  • Keeps personal and business affairs separate
  • Forwards your company mail to any address in the world
  • Is available for new and existing companies
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Why Buy a Registered Office Address?

You’re probably asking yourself, how important is a registered office address? Trust me, it's as important as whether I have my martini shaken or stirred! Here's the thing:

  • You´re legally required to provide a UK-based registered office address for all limited companies and LLPs
  • Buy our registered office address service and we´ll forward all your statutory correspondence that comes in, to any address of your choice, in the UK or abroad
  • Plus, you´ll get to keep your private address covert (as it should be!) and have all your company-related mail sent to our registered office address

The Process

Yes, I’m Larry the Lemur and you buying our registered office address service is as quick and easy as my name rolls off the tongue.

  • Simply purchase the service and attach the required documentation (a copy of your passport and a copy of either a bank statement or utility bill)
  • Our Company Formation Special Agents will send you an email confirming your order, your invoice, and a request for the documentation required to complete the process

And Bond’s your uncle! We’ll notify His Majesty's Registrar of Companies (Companies House) for you. Then we’ll start forwarding all your official correspondence to an address of your choice (within the UK or abroad).

Our Company’s Special Agents’ Golden Touch Treatment

We are 001, the top formation agent. So, naturally, we only offer our clients a service royale with a golden touch, such as:

  • A choice of two registered office addresses to choose from:
    • Central London for £89.99 per annum
    • South London for £69.99 per annum
  • We’ll forward your statutory correspondence to anywhere in the world!
  • Purchase a registered office address and get your officer’s service address included!

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