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We offer a combined company formation and bank account service

As a leading UK Company Formation Agent, 001 Formation Agent has been appointed as a Barclays Approved new business partner. Through our unique agreement with Barclays Bank PLC, 001 Formation Agent offers a fast track account opening process, subject to Barclays' due diligence checks.

Main features:

How does it work?

You must have successfully registered a limited company to use this service.

Less than 24 hours after your company has been accepted and registered by Companies House, your contact details will be referred to a Barclays Local Business Manager at a branch close to your business premises.

The Local Business Manager will then contact you no later than 48 hours after receiving your details to welcome you to Barclays, discuss your needs and arrange a suitable time to meet up and open their new business account, subject to Barclays' due diligence checks.

This process has been designed to ensure that our customers receive a first class priority service.

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*Subject to Barclays Bank approval.